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Live Feed Updates Tuesday-Wednesday 4/9/13- 4/10/13

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Peter Alec and Andrew in the  :HT

 Peter is  laying down on the side of the :HT in the sun

taking a long break be back alter on in the afternoon! :waves:

Alec Andrew Talla and Jillian in HOH room and Alec says that some clothes can't be worn cuz its on tv (brand rights).

Peter and Topaz are making ribs.

Apparently its warm in the HOH room cuz there is a fan working.

Pretty much small talk between the 4.

Feed two shows Peter and Topaz cleaning dishes.

Emett is sleeping in the main bedroom

Peter is going to go take a nap

Emett is pissed at Talla - Alec

Talla paged to the dr

Alec and Peter are in storage room talking strategy.

Emett is worried about andrew according to Alec

Topaz won't put up tall - Alec to peter.

Talla hates Alec and vice versa.

Alec is asking Peter to tell Emett its more beneficial to keep him then Topaz.

He is saying to tell Emett if Topaz or Tallaa win hoh he (emett) will go up. Alec says promise he will put up Andrew and Talla.

Alec says if Emeett is on board with it then  Andrew will as well.

Emett, Andrew and Peter for Alec is what Alec wants.

Talla Peter and Andrew control next week's vote if Alec wins HOH

Peter says Talla can easily be convinced. Alec says its a very small chance that he stays. Alec says emett will not vote for him if Andrew doesn't.

He says Jillian wants him out. And if emett votes against her they might have a relationship issue. He says Topaz and Talla hanging out should be the best thing for him.

Peter says this vote is not clear cut like all the other votes.

And cameras stop working  (:;)

Feeds back and nothing (no talk) is happening.


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