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Live Feed Updates Tuesday-Wednesday 4/9/13- 4/10/13

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Where's waldo got  on AJ :lol:

Topaz is sitting  by herself at the table  Emmett Talla and Peter are in the kitchen  all feeds on this

Peter Talla you have officially quit smoking

 Talla yeah

 Alec  In the pool with andrew.. peter poolside

Talla still thinks BB wont let her in the DR cuz she said something bad

 Jillian is reviewing her HOH pics

Talla ask Topaz if she spoke to alec

 Topaz yeah he said that  we only have this  amount of days together..

Talla what does he think

 Topaz what do you mean

Topaz he  thinks he messed up  that he shouldnt have voted to keep ??? and that Emmett turned his back on him

 Talla yeah

 Topaz he's over you/ "it"

 Talla  what does that mean?

Topaz and that he likes andrew

 Talla what does that mean?? Im not avoiding him..

Topaz planting the seed  so that Talla will keep her

Jillian comes in the  kitchen.. and talla says i dont care he's over me.. but that's fair.. i get it it's a game

 Jillian is not 100% sure of the convo and Talla tells her it's about Alec



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