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Live Feed Updates Tuesday-Wednesday 4/9/13- 4/10/13

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Topaz makes it out of the bed and sits next to Alec

 Peter says he had 4 pepsi's to dilute the alcohol

Morning shuffling in the kitchen

 Emmett is listening to music while Jillian gets ready

Andrew and Alec are  doing the dishes

 Jillian apparently had a charley horse during the POV

The lockdown is over and Peter goes out to inspect everything

Peter is in the sun outback by the :HT

 Andrew joins him  and says tht he can hear people talking so did i!

Andrew now comes the fun times.. not particularly with Alec and Topaz but for you

 Peter yeah.. are you leaning   in a certain way?

 Andrew it depends what Emmett and Jillian wnat to do.. I did have topaz up

Peter if I won next week.. I would have to go after Talla next week cuz she hasn't earned her spot to be here.. at this point i can't see it being personal

 Alec out back.. is the mosse talking yet?

 Andrew no but it seems to have sparlky on it.

 Alec yeah it's a gary moose

 Alec leaves


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