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Live Feed Updates Tuesday-Wednesday 4/9/13- 4/10/13

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Jillian won HOH comp ICEBERG ALLEY

**Thursday will be a DOUBLE EVICTION**

Alec and Peter were nominated for eviction

Peter won POV

Peter used POV on himself

Jillian nominated Topaz as the replacement nominee

Alec and Topaz are on the block up for eviction

Morning in the BBCanada House.. people are starting to get up. lights are on

And the alarms start ringing :lala

It's a morning of hearing everyone :pee:  :groan:

They are on an inside lockdown

 Emmett they have the BY closed off for some reason

 Jillian still?

 Emmett yeah

Talla is having a rough time getting out of bed so the alarms are ringing for her! :lol3:


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