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Jillian i dont remember what happened after the comp was over

 andrew you got taken into the pool to get warm..

Andrew i gave emmett a big long hug

 Jillian did he?

 Andrew yeah he said just hold on (he was cold) and his package was large.. and then he made me feel more awkward as a man than i already do and even with all that cold water his package is so huge  it's like he  was smuggling a sweet potato was in there :lol3:

Topaz retelling what went down on the comp to alec  that jilian and her were just shaking

Topaz even though they know we are dysfunctional they know we still care about each other

Alec thanks for promising to keep me safe

 Topaz no problem


Andrew and Peter are talking about they thought that topaz and alec broke up

 andrew that would be a major cock move

 Jillian back to report that they are still on lockdown

Topaz I think Talla jumped cuz she  thought i was  going to win

 Talla they are saying they want the HOH (inaudible)


Alec and topaz are deciding what to say to Talla  they want to keep her

Topaz you ahve to watch out Talla is a jumper and jillian is the new HOH and she might take infor mation to jillian

 Alec if Talla wins POV and takes herself off.

Topaz we'll talk to her during the week..  if she is nominated we dont have to tell her she is safe.. and if she pulls herslf of we can be like oh talla that sucks that jillian put you on the block and then we can rope her in.. and this way if jillian wins HOH and catches wind that we talked to talla she would put one of us up

Alec if eitehr of those 2 used POV it would better if Andrew used it.. just say I went up..

Topaz Andrew has to go!!

 Alec think of next week andrew is  not going to put up jillian and emmett

Topaz dont think that far it's too risky


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