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Live Feed Updates Friday-Monday 4/5/13- 4/8/13

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Talla you guys have to start getting ready

 alec is in the kitchen

Emmett on the :weights

Topaz still in the pool

 Peter working out with the smaller :weights

Alec and Andrew talking about  the table not getting smaller like in the USA version..  but BB did take away the extra chairs

Andrew hey look Tom's in black n white

over the weekend BB freaked out the HG's by making Tom's picture back to color and the HG's thought Tom might be coming back into the house/game

Topaz it sucks that it's one of us going home

 alec yeah

topaz and whoever stays has to win HOH  and  if peter doesn't win.. obviously the lines have been drawn


Topaz calls to talla from the pool  I'm gonna need a wax job soon!!

 Talla and andrew are getting dinner ready they can't serve it till topaz is out of the pool

Since they are having a sit down dinner im going to get going,  I'll try and update if anything game related happens :waves:


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