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Talla :fart: yet again..  and she's saying that the room stinks

Talla says the room stinks

 peter we haven't slept in here for a week

 talla hey where did i puke  again?
 Peter everywhere

Talla when i voted i heard a guy in the DR

 Talla Everyone farts  but no one admits it..

feeds cut out to HUSH HUSH

Got some time to update finally!

Andrew, Alec, in hot tub with small talk

Jillian and Peter in the living room discussing nominations. Peter saying it will be a hard decision.

Jillian says TOpaz and Talla wouldn't take it as a personal shot because they aren't close. SHe says she can't put Talla because she promised her.

Peter says house is a lot quieter without Gary

Peter says Talla is more interested in politics!  :stare

Something about who had it the easiest for the have not competition

Talla joins Peter and Jillian in living room.

Andrew had to get his legs waxed as apart of the competition and had to wear an uncomfortable costume

Alec had a chum bath. Apparently he still smells  :lol3:

Emett puked out milk.

Jillian is getting sick and has a stuffy nose.

Jillian guesses its 12:16am its actually 10:39pm

So it looks like a How bad do you want it challenge with pushing buttons

Peter and Topaz go to the storage room to get cookies.


Not sure what that competition was for then.

Alec comes inside and Jillian himself and Topaz say happy birthday to Julie (Jillian's friend).

Alec now into the bathroom to take a shower.

Feeds go to the by and Emett and Andrew discussing challenge and how Emett drank the milk and puked it . (I have no idea which one)

Andrew is swimming in the pool.

Jillian is in her HOH room.

Alec and Peter whispering in the washroom. Peter says to Alec, "trying to recognize what she [Jillian] needs and play that into the best of your ability". Peter going to bed.

Alec paged to the DR

:pull: it never fails when i come on lately to update the feeds are on HUSH HUSH :ugot


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