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Live Feed Updates Friday-Monday 4/5/13- 4/8/13

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Gary Evicted 5-0

Jillian won HOH comp ICEBERG ALLEY

**Thursday will be a DOUBLE EVICTION**

*Update* Alec and Peter were nominated for eviction

Peter won POV

Peter used POV on himself

Jillian nominated Topaz as the replacement nominee

Alec and Topaz are on the block up for eviction

Topaz and Jillian said they looked over to Emmett and that  he looked bored

 Jillian congrats. we did the same exact thing

 Topaz leaves the bathroom and heads to the have not room

Peter says they are locked in the bedroom once they are done with getting changed. :duno:

Jillian 's eyes are blood shot.. from the make up pouring into her eyes..

Topaz dropped cuz she didnt think she could outlast jillian

 Topaz talla and i promised each other that we wouldnt put each other up..

 Topaz made a deal with jillian that who ever won was putting up andrew and talla and that the partners would be safe.. and with that i said fine f it..

 they are locked down inside the rooms and not allowed to even go to the kitchen area..

Andrew says that he wants to play the game and be on some slop for a week! : :llama: 

Peter then i dont want to be on your team then!

Andrew you jsut had to have your hand touching it right?

 Jillian yeah i wasn't goignt o exert that much energy at first

 Jillian they told us that we had to face the outside not the wall.

Andrew emmett turned around and they told him he couldnt do it.. and I thought it was an instant DQ but they didnt **


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