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S26 EP9 "Cut Off The Head Off The Snake"

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Reilly Queens:
Here we go!


"Chaos ensues when confused players remain undecided on whether to vote out an easy target or blindside a huge threat."

so basically it'll be between Sherri & Phillip

i'm just getting a vibe right now that Phillip or a close ally could be going tonight. after the "it's day 23, we have 16 left we're going all the way" comment, i just have a feeling that's foreshadowing the opposite.

Glamazon Racer:
Reynold is happy that a Favorite is gone and he is not, despite the fact that it was Corinne who was an ally. He and Eddie say that any female associated with them seems to get voted out.

Meanwhile Malcolm says that the other alliance thinks they cut off the head of the snake but they don't know they missed yet.

Both of them mentioned their idol... maybe that plays a role today? ???

Glamazon Racer:
Phillip inducts Sherri into Stealth R Us as Tenacity. Sherri's plan is that in one or two vote's time, she will be invaluable to Phillip and the alliance.

Reward Challenge:

Orange Team: Brenda, Andrea, Malcolm, Dawn and Phillip
Purple Team: Michael, Erik, Reynold, Eddie and Cochran

Amazing shots by Brendamazing and Andreangel <33333333

Unfortunately Brenda's second shot hit the post and missed while the other tribe won 4-3 and get to go on Reward now.


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