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I honestly think we have been too critical on Lazaro. It is not our fault that Lazaro is still here. The judges have chances to eliminate him but they didn't. America kept him in. He is to be blamed for forgetting the lyrics.

And for making excuses all the time. :)

I feel sorry for Lazaro. He was a better singer when he first started and relied on his own instincts. They are not helping him with the advice he's been given. However, I also think he is somewhat lazy and probably he's been given a lot of leeway because of the stuttering and this is not been helpful for him either. If he really wants to have a career he has to do more and yes, stop making excuses for himself.

But, he has to go and soon!  )-**

Wow, I can't believe that 4 guys went out consecutively. I'm wondering if anyone rigged this season to make it so obvious that the girls are heads and shoulders above the guys? I mean, none of the guys even had the potential to win it, NONE, how can it be?

Having said that, I'm not complaining. It's time for a girl to win. High time.


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