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So far, I've got the elimination of Paul, Devin and Burnell accurately predicted. And this is how I think the rest of the season will go:

6th: Lazaro (He is toast next week, Janelle's fans will go crazy and start voting)
- If he's not gone next week, the shock elimination will belong to Amber for sure, which the judges will then use the SAVE, making Lazaro go in 6th yet again.

5th: Janelle (If Amber OR Candice has a shock elimination next week, then they most probably will have TWO eliminations the following week, of which Lazaro and Janelle are toast)

3rd/4th: Amber or Candice, depending if the judges actually start giving Amber better comments and start complaining that Candice is predictable/boring/lacked X factor yada yada

2nd: Kree (Janelle's fans will ALLLLLL go to her)

1st: Angie (I would love to say the judges and Nigel are pushing for Angie to win. I'm serious... not that I'm complaining. BUT, IT'S OBVIOUS!)

Yay at AI finally having female winner and all-female F5 POSSIBLY. PLEASE.

Lazaro being in the top three IS an insult. I could not believe it when Ryan announced it. Our neighbors probably heard me screaming NO!!!!  Not only are people tone deaf, they are missing quite a few screws.

I agree with you Joab, final two: Kree and Angie.

It's funny how Angie was the worst last week but the best this week. She needs to stop fluctuating! :lol3:

I feel American Idol is doing an injustice with Lazaro.  He is not ready emotionally or ability to be in this spotlight.  This is going to crush him.  With a brilliant son with autism, I feel I can honestly say STOP VOTING FOR LAZARO! 

Why are people voting for him when he doesn't even remember the Lyrics?  American Idol should have an automatic elimination if you forget your lyrics. 

I also agree the winner will be Angie or Kree.  I have thought of Angie winning from the beginning but she does need to do something with her hair.  Done letting off steam... :hoot:


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