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Who will be revived: NONE


Angie: Great song choice and... loved the tender moments from the beginning, and the note at the end was AMAZING.

Grade: A


Angie AND Lazaro: Lazaro forgot the LYRICS again. Thank goodness Angie saved him. Poor Angie. Hopefully when Lazaro gets eliminated, Lazaro's fans will go to Angie. And whoever chose this song for them to sing as duet should be shot.

Grade: B-


Kree: Great vocals, but she was pitchy? Really pitchy at some point. And she chose a song that majority of the age group don't know or haven't heard before. The audience response tells... I didn't like it as much as the judges did.

Grade: B+


Candice: That was so boring... just good vocals... but she's losing that X factor and I agree with Nicki, I fell asleep with that song. There was very little attitude... :(

Grade: B


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