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TAR seasons 10 and 11 coming out on DVD

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Ew Romberly. I started to like them during Ukraine & Morocco, but then Spain/France/US, they argued over ABSOLUTELY NOTHING whatsoever. I'm serious, once in the taxi ride, they just BLEW UP. OUT OF THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE.

Tomato fight <3 Favorite part of the season <3


--- Quote from: addie on April 07, 2013, 06:04:42 AM ---Tomato fight <3 Favorite part of the season <3

--- End quote ---


Bama not bitching overr it and Rob absolutely blowing up <3

And also Romberly's random cab blow up on the way to CDG was hilarious. Or was it in NYC? I felt sorry for their cabbie though. :(

Tomato fight <33333

PS: But WHY is it performed in Barcelona? I still cannot understand what did WRP make it that way! lol.

Finale being Barcelona-Paris-NYC <333333

NYC having only one freaking clue <///////////////33

Yes! Arguably the two best seasons in the show's history (or, more likely, my two most favorite)!

But why David & Mary on the cover rather than Rob & Kimberly? Rob & Kimberly are just as memorable (as everyone else has already effectively pointed out).


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