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TAR seasons 10 and 11 coming out on DVD

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TV Shows on DVD is reporting this afternoon that seasons 10 and (All-Stars season) 11 are coming out on DVD through the Amazon "Createspace" platform.

This will leave only season 12 that has yet to be released either on DVD or through I-Tunes. The actual release date is not yet known but Amazon is accepting pre-orders.

When I went to Amazon to put them in my shopping cart, I noticed that Amazon does have most of the seasons after 13 in their instant video on demand service, in addition to I-Tunes. Not sure when that became available, but I hadn't noticed it before.

OMG! My dream finally comes true! Dustin & Kandice x2!  :hrt: :hrt:

Dustin and Kandace featured on TWO seasons. + Oswald and Danny + Charla and Mirna + David and Mary + ROB AND KIMBERLY TOTALLY NOT ON THE COVER = :<3

Romberly <3


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