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Live Feeds Updates Monday-Wednesday 4/1/13 - 4/3/13


Topaz won HOH

Topaz nominated AJ and Andrew for the Instant Power Shift Eviction

AJ evicted 4-2 and is the 1st Jury Member

HOH Comp Diary Room Confessions -Who said it

Andrew wins tie breaker question against Talla

Andrew is the NEW HOH

Andrew picked the Have Nots as Emmett who has a slop pass Peter, Topaz and Gary

Andrew nominated Topaz and Gary  on the block and  up for Eviction

Andrew won POV

**UPDATE** POV not used

 Topaz and gary on the block up for eviction

Talla is grabbing alec so they can go to bed

 Gary is still taking off his makeup

:waves: Im heading  off Nite everyone! :waves:

Drive by post :waves:

 All HG's are sleeping  :yess:

BB gave the HG's some vodka and Talla is :hosed:  She is so bad that Peter had to carry her from the :HT to the bathroom and  as he's trying to help her after she  pee's she passes out on the floor in the stall :lol3:

Feeds are still down due to Talla being so wasted!  Check here for the YT vids posted of it before the feeds were cut http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,28533.msg860719.html#msg860719


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