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Who Will the Judges Save This Year?

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Vote in the poll! Which contestant will be saved by the judges this year? Also, state your opinion why do you think that? :)

Your save:

Judges' save:

Your save: Amber Halcomb
Reason: Although her voice is AWESOME, but I think that her fan base is not too big as the other girls. Also, she had been in the bottom 3 once. I don't think the male contestant will be saved. ;)

Judges' save: One of the girls, I think..

I voted for Angie and Amber. Because I feel that they are the two person with really immense star quality and potential to make it big in our pop culture today. Kree... we already have Carrie Underwood. Candice... it's a harsh competition and and she just doesn't have the X factor, remember Melinda DoLittle? And Janelle... great voice and stage presence, but her voice pales in comparison to Carrie Underwood.

With that said, maybe I'm biased, but of the 7 remaining, only Angie reeks of something fresh, a type of Idol they haven't really churn out before. She isn't really like Kelly, nor Fantasia, nor Carrie. She is of almost the same age as Jordin but she reeks much more X factor than Jordin had at that point of time when they win the competition.

Look at Colton from last season. He's doing so well because there haven't been a Christian contemporary male artist in Idol alumni and he took the route and see where he is now. All the WGWG simply failed (with the exception of Philips Philips because he really really has a unique tone to his voice), but people like David Cook (maybe good vocals but it wasn't the best from the season, remember Archuleta?), Kris Allen (Adam Lambert) and worst of all Lee (pales in comparison to Crystal Bowersox), they simply don't have anything that people can remember about them as they were outperformed many times on their season.

You can say that Philip was outperformed by Jessica many times too, but thank goodness of his unique tone and style of songs which he has adopted, which is a little country-ish and pop at the same time, which is of course lacking of such an artist in the Idol alumni. (We haven't had any REALLY successful male country artist from Idol... I can't even remember Scotty. -_-) He had a unique tone too, but seriously, it isn't a marketable voice. Philip has a marketable voice.

I think the judges will be willing to use the save on any of the girls... Maybe not Janelle because I think compared to the other girls, she doesn't have that star quality. Or maybe I just haven't picked up on anything remarkable about her. :( They'd be dumb using it on a boy though.

Definitivly one of the girls.


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