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Jillian is on the floor saying she is tired and hot

 Gary everyone wants to beat me down

Alec is playing gary on air hockey

Talla wants to play a prank on Alec and Emmett

 Jillian Emmett has a temper.. im scared of him

Talla tells Andrew the prank that they want to dump the flowers on alec and Emmett

 Andrew Im not doing that..

 Jillian is laughing, I feel like im drunk

Andrew lets not mess with Emmett.. lets mess with the slop

 Andrew i know wht i'll do for april's fool tomorrow (can't hear  it)

 Andrew i'll say im using the POV and then say april's fool im not using it

 Talla lets do that..


Talla is up in the HOH alec now joins them up there

 Talla i hope i didnt just scream my head off for nothing (guess they were playing pranks on each other)

 Andrew whats up with peter

 Alec I dont know

Jillian is up in the HOH now

I think Alec won POV

Jillian talking about trail mix and how much she eats

 Talla wants to go to sleep now

Alec the thing with Topaz is tht she always went to sleep so late so i was always tired now im sleeping at normal hours

 Jillian im sleeping in the have not room

 Talla why

 Jillian cuz Emmett slept with me when i was a have not

 Andrew Aj was jealous when i made out with you during the movie :duno:

 Andrew tomorrow is the POV ceremony

Talla im not going to say anything.. im over it and i'll tell them  im going with the house

 andrew say that yo are voting for AJ

 Talla yeah

 Andrew maybe not it'll sound like a dig

 Talla I wonder what AJ is doing..

 Andrew he's drunk right now


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