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Topaz last time i was on it we had beaver tails and pooutine.. now i dont i feel dead

 Topoaz i was laying in the bed and staring at the ceiling..

 gary in the morning im doing my make up and coffee and i dont  think about food.. and as long as bitches dont go crazy on me im good

 Jillian  seeing  gary's reaction i thought youw ere going to go crazy

 gary you did see me go crazy

 Topaz slop makes you go crazy

 jillian yeah i snapped


Gary and Topaz head into the bathroom and he says she probably felt stupid

 Gary he put his immunity idol on his picture (he meant veto  ):lol:

 Gary jillian feels stupid cuz she complained the whole time.. im not complaining or nothing..

Gary and Topaz are  talkinga bout when he blew up on talla

 gary im a good player.. i got a good bitch on my side.. im a physical player.. im social and i dont  blow up being on slop.. and slop doesnt phase me

 Gary you are staying.. im going

 Topaz  i dont want to stay

 Gary if jillian doesnt want me here

 topaz who said that

 gary when jillian said i was good on slop.. or should i nto read into it.

 Topaz if they  do vote you out..

 gary well BB  said they are going to hook me up and that i was going to be famous when i get out of here

Gary it would be a smart game move to get rid  of me

Topaz if i stay it's going to be harder.. cuz i have to fake a showmance

 Jillian is getting a bowl of cereal

Talla doesnt want to sleep in the bedroom alone so she is waiting for Alec

Talla I just really need to win HOH

Talla peter is playing a good social game.. but as long as it's not one of us people

Talla if it's down to me you emmet.. Alec wouldnt  turn agaisnt peter..

 jillian yeah i know


Alec andrew and emmett.. alec we go up to the HOH room and bash them all the time.. Topaz is lazy and gary si basically a bore

 Andrew I like gary alot of the time but his hills and valleys.. he runs hot and cold
 Emmett he amlost snapped on jillian..

 Alec he smashed 4 times

 Andrew what did he do

 Alec we jsut  sat there..

 Emmett it was the most childish things.. talla asked him not to jump and  he did.

 Alec  i asked  emmett if he wanted ot break it up

 emmett gary is 6 ' whatever and talla is 4ft..

 Alec if gary gets to teh F2 it wont be of his own doing.. and thats why i wont vote for him

Alec you can't get there on a twist.. it's not fair :lol3: famous last words in the B house


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