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Andrew if you self evict will them put uyou in the jury house ( :noway:

 Jillian gary might.. he wants to eat so bad

 Andrew it's sunday he's so screwed

 talla next week when she asks me for a vote she 'll say aren't we friends.. and I'l say do friends trash talk? I'll try and avoid that convo for  so long..

Gary andtopaz run thru everyone and gary is on point with everyone

 Topaz there is so much in the house that is happening that is saving jillian and Emmett

 gary jillian's whining is getting to me i wish she would shut up

 Topaz if you stay  stick to the plan and put up andrew and peter..

 gary I want talla gone or andrew..  emmett and jillian have the votes..

 Topaz focus..

Gary either way it's alec or peter.. it's a win win

 Topaz if Alec wins i can see Talla being in the HOH and I  can see that Talla going for him like that

 gary that's gross.... why

 Topaz I want  canada to see how gross  alec is

 gary have you seen her face

Topaz Andrew is walking around like king kong..

 Gary  and he has a small dong

 Topaz Alec was humble with his  HOH

 Topaz yo wenren't humble with yor HOH

 gary i was living it up.. they were expecting it from me..

 Topaz with my HOH I wanted to be humble but i wanted to make a big move.. and i got shafted hard core.. and Alec you didnt even know he was HOH

Andrew this week we want gary gone this week

 Alec gary needs to go home first

 Andrew gary was close in that veto

 Alec gary got crazy too in that veto

Jilian you guys didnt see him he was ready to pull you off.. he didnt give a shit

 Andrew who else has snapped more than gary..

Andrew in teh DR they asked me about it

 Talla  Then Emmett and Alec came and  saved me..  gary was in my face with fingers poinnting. and he came at me and she just sat there. gary was face to face with me.. and I took a step back.. what if he hit me

 Andrew if he did tht he's long gone

 Talla I can't wait till people see that episode

 Talla as soon as i took a step back and he was still coming at me..  I was not  going to abck down from that argument

 Jillian did you see any of it on the screen andrew

 Andrew no i was sin the Dr

Andrew I can be intimidating if i wanted to be.. why would i be like that

 Alec Im surprised  they didtn call  Gary in the Dr

 Talla  when  he started slamming the  table i was like where are my peeps  and then they came (emmett and Alec)

Andrew won POV

BB: Topaz please change your battery pack

Up in the HOH they are talking about the F3 BBUSA version and what happened  BB14 with Danielle

Alec we are talking like it's an absolute certainty

 Talla bye gary he's gone **

Andrew I dont care if it's a 3-2 just get gary out

Andrew we wanted to get him out and remember his HOH.. yelling at everybody

 Jillian leaves HOH

 Talla gary said him and topaz never talked game

 Andrew he said that to me

 Alec i was there when they talked game


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