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Live Feeds Updates Friday-Sunday 3/29/13-3/31/13

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Suzette Evicted 6-1

Topaz won HOH  Comp Before or After

Gary won POV replacement player ticket on Tuesday

**NOTE Per this message on the live feeds there will be NO Live Feeds or BBAD till Sunday

Power Shift will be on Sunday and Nominations will also be on Sunday

Apparently the twist was the eviction would happen on Sunday. Andrew and Aj were put on the block and the after veto the nominations remained the same.

Show contentAj was evicted

Andrew wins next hoh and Gary and Topaz are the targets.

Alec and Peter went against Topaz and voted out Aj. Topaz refuses to talk to Alec  :o Gary and Emett are the Have nots.

Feeds back Talla and Alec over by HT

 Talla you ok

 Alec yeah it's just like a bad relationship that was waiting to end

Talla had a hard time getting ont eh hammock

 Gary and topaz are playing air hockey

Emmett is working out and has his hair pulled back in a pony tail


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