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Amber: A-

Amber, very normal performance. Very dull and uninteresting. And when she hit the high note, I wished she went on and hit it even one pitch higher but she stopped. Motown, why do we need Motown? Motown is a BORE FEST. But overall, good performance, good singing and I fell asleep.


Devin: A-

Devin, the only guy whom I think who has a really marketable voice. I like his song choice, and I like his performance. It was sincere, but very mediocre. Unmemorable. But it was a good performance, and maybe it will keep him around for one more week. I don't know? But he needs to buck up with really a mind blowing performance, perhaps through arrangements, on the guitar, play the piano or what to make it... otherwise. Top 6 is the most he's going.


Janelle: A

I always knew Janelle has a really marketable voice and she's a good singer! Glad she finally found her comfort zone and she's getting stronger and stronger each and every week. Don't underestimate her fan voice! She's a sweet looking girl, with a good voice and she can sing. I'm going to predict that Janelle is our Kris Allen this season! Or Diana DeGarMo!


Burnell: B

Great vocals, but like Devin, it was a snooze fest. Snooze fest. Even Angie's performance might have been more entertaining even if it was pitchy. At least I get to watch Angie perform. The guys... I can practically listen to the record version of the songs they sing. And Burnell, he went off pitch ONCE. I heard it. NOT GOOD.


Lazaro: A-

I would say, it's a good song choice for Lazaro. And like I've always said, Lazaro really has a good tone and a marketable voice. I really like his performance this week and I don't think it was bad. I would even great it better than all the guys and maybe Angie and Kree. At least the song is a popular song that most people can relate to. I think Lazaro will be SAFE tonight. Unless his voters feel safe and stop voting. Not perfect pitch, BUT it was a great performance!


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