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Live Feeds Updates Thursday Eviction Day 3/28/13


Alec HOH and won $10,000

Suzette and AJ have been nominated an are on the block up for Eviction

POV players Alec Suzette AJ Emmett Gary Jillian Peter as host

Emmett won POV and a slop pass

Aj had to do a task and when completed The HG's got a picnic party Sunday Night

POV not used

Suzette and AJ on the block up for eviction

Gary won a POV player replacement ticket to use 

Feeds are down for the live taped eviction!~ :res:

While the live taped show was  being aired the feeds message change to this! :ugot

So they're wont be any live feeds till then :duno: but they have said something like this before  (:;)

If anything happens over the weekend with feed leakage we'll be posting it over here in a new thread set for the weekend :tup: ► http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,28660.0.html


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