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Suzette Talla is sleeping we did have 3 glasses of champagne

Andrew and Emmett talking bout who thy are putting up

Andrew i just wnt to make sure we are still straight..  If talla wins I got her.. she will go after gary cuz he's a BIG  threat.

 Andrew I like peter but he's too smart..

IN the :HT Andrew Emmett Peter Alec and AJ  talking about the dinner task

 Andrew  Peter I was wondering if you were going to get a little tail from  Suzette

Andrew never had lobster live like this before it was the best i ever had

 Alec i only had lobster 3 times before

Andrew at least we got a little taste

Jillian is on munch mode

 Suzette as soon as the  lights dim im going to bed

 Topaz we can't  nap tomorrow and im not gonna think about afterdatk

Topaz They  take a portion from 3-5 and play it

BB please stop talking about production

Gary still complaining about his stomach

 Gary didnt take the ex lax.. I just went with taking th stuff you gave me

 Jillian i take 3 of them a night


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