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Live Feeds Updates Tuesday - Wednesday 3/26/13 - 3/27/13

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Emmett and Jillian are in bed already

Peter is in bed already

Gary's eating again

Make out time for Emmett and Jillian

 AJ is still outside smoking

Topaz  is getting ready for bed

Alec wants Topaz to sleep in the HOH and she didnt plan on it so he gives her a guilt trip

im heading to bed since the HG's are heading to bed! :waves:


The hg are already up  Emmett is icing his foot on the sofa in the kitchen

 Jillian is doing Yoga with gary

 Talla is grabbing coffee and talking to AJ

Alec is working out with the :weights

Peter inside to get something to eat

Andrew is in the pool


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