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Talla Aj and Andrew over by the :HT

Talla thinks it's not good for them

Andrew I dont think it's going to be a physical one again

Andrew Emmett has broken a million bones

 Talla it has to be in a splint for it to heal normally

 Andrew he should go into that room (DR) and tell them that he needs some help

Andrew he speaks into the mic but never goes into the DR

Andrew I feel for Emmett he wanted a couple of bills but the timing he wanted to record a few hours..  and he could ask Jillian this is what he needs

 Talla Jillian kissed his foot

Talla  it's them against the house

Talla gets up to work out

 btw that :HT water looks gross and murky!! :eww:

Andrew he will be fine

 AJ the next comp wont be physical

AJ the last one was both physical and Mental

 Andrew you get your itinerary and you ahv eto follow it..

Apparently Talla and Emmett got screwed up on the last HOH Maze challenge

Aj has to run off to :poop

AJ oh boy!! and he runs to go :poop :lol3:

 Andrew tells him to run!! :lol3:

Andrew Aj had the squirts or the drooly bum going around.. try not to make out with Alec or Peter (guess they are both suffering with it as well :lol: )

Seems like from the breathing pattern that Emmett  was asleep on the sofa in the kitchen and on cue the alarms began to ring! :lala

And now Emmett is upright! :lol3:

Emmett is on the move now outside   heading to the :HT

gary still going strong with Jillian doing yoga

Andrew asking Emmett about his foot and did he  ask for any pills

 Emmett if they give me enough pills i  will wrap it up and run around and do anything

 Emmett  im hoping that it's just my toe and not my foot

Emmett it's swelling up around my foot and not my toe as much

AJ back out of the bathroom

The boys are talking about Lorana Bobbitt :lol3:


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