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Live Feeds Updates Tuesday - Wednesday 3/26/13 - 3/27/13

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Alec HOH and won $10,000

Suzette and AJ have been nominated an are on the block up for Eviction

POV players Alec Suzette AJ Emmett Gary Jillian Peter as host

Emmett won POV

Aj had to do a task and when completed The HG's got a picnic party Sunday Night

POV not used

Suzette and AJ on the block up for eviction

Suzette is outside doing laundry  and there's alot of laundry there to do

 meanwhile AJ's mumbling are on feed one

Jillian gave Emmett his ibuprofen for his toe

Jillian says the DR asked how he was doing and if you had trouble walking

 Emmett what did you say

 Jillian yeah

 Emmett i think im down for the rest of my time here..

Emmett twisted his foot playing soccer

Talla Andrew Topaz Gary and Alec in the kitchen

Aj out of the bathroom and he walks outside

Talla omg is he mad?

 Talla gets up to talk to him

 Topaz no leave him alone you are going to make it worse

 tyalla goes to follow Aj out back  and asked "do you want to be alone"

 AJ says yeah

 AJ is having a smoke by himself


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