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The Voice (US Season 4)


The Voice is starting up again! This season, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green have decided to take a break and they've been replaced by Shakira and Usher.

The important thing is that Adam and Blake are still here so they can continue their little bromance thing. :lol3: I'm excited to see how the dynamic changes... I have high hopes for Shakira!

Premiere is on Monday, March 25 at 8 PM on NBC. Anyone going to watch? :)

<3333 this show. However, I rather much prefer the UK version with Jessie J and Will.i.am heating up, and Sir Tom Jones, who is just lovely, lol. Danny meh.

About the US franchise, LOL at the "Cállate!!" Moment of Shakira and Adam. Adam is the best one for me there.


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