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Countries/Continents that made the worst/best legs : AFRICA

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Worst: I think TAR 10 in Finland. TAR 19 Episode 10 in Belgium 2 came close. I hate the Roadblock task, although the Detour is good.

Best: I think TAR 18 Episode 9. Austria -> Liechtenstein -> Switzerland. Measuring Liechtenstein is one of my favorite tasks in history of The Amazing Race!

I think Europe legs is one of the few things TAR have improved on.

TAR 18's legs were fantastic because the tasks were good, the locations were beautiful and there was some drama. I also LOVE night legs so that helped.

Similarly, TAR 16s were at night and had good teams in it as well as some interesting tasks.

TAR 17 and TAR 3 were also decent.

I love every episode of TAR. Kthx.

I think TAR5's Russia and the memorable caviar roadblock is missing.

Best Loser:
TAR7's visit to London ranks as one of my favorite legs ever (though I don't get the boats).

And who can forget Ken & Gerard punting in Season 3?  :lol3:


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