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Countries/Continents that made the worst/best legs : AFRICA

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Well , every season we see people saying that the country was BAD used or "THE EPISODE IN THAT COUNTRY SUCKED".

Let's start off analysing by continents.Let's start with EUROPE.

What was the BEST EPISODE you saw in Europe , and what was the WORST EPISODE you saw in Europe?


Worst : Season 18 - Episode 8 in Austria , i hated that leg. The Roadblock was just too easy , and had no drama with the teams.
Best : Season 19 - Episode 8 in Denmark. I loved that one!!! Classic music Roadblock and easy Double U-Turn!  :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

What do you guys think?

my fave was probably Venice in s4 i loved the mask roadblock.

Season 6 and Season 18. I actually loved Season 18 Leg 8. The detours were hard and I loved that they had to drive from Vienna to Salzburg.

Worst: TAR 10 in Finland. Mud, cave, rappel. They could've gone pretty much ANYWHERE in the continent (or world) for those sets of tasks.

Best: TAR 3 in Grindelwald. Testing teams' travel skills, mental acuity, physical dexterity and endurance all in one leg? I love it.
Honorable mentions: TAR 17 in St. Petersburg (first Detour was great, second RB and miscellaneous tasks were great - they could've had the BEST LEG EVER with a bit of reconfiguration but they settled for two good legs), TAR 12 in Italy (difficult tasks + self navigation + several forms of transportation to cause people to get loopy and hateful toward each other? good times)

I loved season 6, mostly because it had a lot of good Europe legs, I especially liked Sweden (might be biased since it's my home country and the race happened within walking distance of where I live), and France. TAR 3&4 were not bad either. Of the recent series TAR 21 was really good, especially the legs in Russia, and the Denmark leg in TAR 19 worked well too. I hope for more visits to Denmark in more seasons.


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