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Live Feeds Updates Sunday -Monday 3/24/13- 3/25/13

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AJ heads inside to clean his dish.

LOLL AJ and Andrew says Gary has definitely gained weight.

Alarm going off now.

The oregano fiasco with Talla because she didn;t throw it out looool

Topaz looks pissed off lol

AJ will pull a Dick if he knows he is going home loll.

Andrew says that won't be for a while and only to do it is win.

AJ says Andrew should weigh 400 pounds because of the way he eats.

Someone paged to the DR

Looks like Talla, Aj and Andrew are in a floater alliance.

AJ says Gary is the next target.

Andrew says he can't stand Topaz and Aj says if you put her up she will flip and turn her dogs on them lol

Peter joins them and they discuss what they air during After Dark. Peter mentions once they showed Shane (S14) sleeping 10 minutes at a time.

Aj and Andrew says Suzette bonded with the two youngest people lol instead of them and her social game sucks and that is the reason she is going.

Andrew is bitching that everyone thinks he is from Nova Scotia. He is in fact from New found Land and Labrador.

Woodbridge is being discussed literally 150 metres away from  my Condo.

Aneal has a maid at his house lol (according to AJ)

Peter is in massive debt and is worried about it  :ascared :ascared

Peter says he would pay of his two loans and invest the rest if he won the game.

Apparently Jillian is wearing Talla's mic


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