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Live Feeds Updates Sunday -Monday 3/24/13- 3/25/13

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Aj, Jillian, Gary, Peter, Alec , Emett playing soccer in the by

Topaz is sitting on a bench resting lol

Suzette inside in the kithen, all you hear is the soccer game though. She looks lonely :(

Game finishes with Gary's team winning

Something is up with Emett's leg (he says he can't feel it and its swelled up  :o)

Emett heads inside to wrap his leg in ice.

All 4 feeds now focused on in the by

Jillian heads to the dr to get tyeneol for Emett and claims they wont let her on her way she asks Suzette how she is doing.

Ice is now on Emett's leg/toes, he says it hurts now hard.

Alec says he heard popping in his knees, in which to Aj said not a good thing lol

Peter and Alec in the pool. Topaz goes to the washroom.

THe room looks like a pig sty lol

Gary annd Topaz whispering in the washroom hard to hear them  (:;)

Topaz joins talla in sleeping on the couch near the by doors, then goes into the room and sleeps lol. This women sleeps almost every hour of the day  :lol3:

Nothing much going on.

Have to head out.

:waves: The hg's are chatty tonight.. but it's all general chatter

 Alec is still smoozing with Topaz

Andrew is  massaging Talla

 Talla is telling AJ that she just likes him like a friend..

 Jillian is getting ready for bed in the bathroom

Alec yesterday said that he didnt want to have anything to do with Topaz and he was going to distance himself   guess he changed his mind!

Feeds are just on the kitchen crew

 Jillian is going to bed


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