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Live Feeds Updates Sunday -Monday 3/24/13- 3/25/13

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Emett won Veto btw

Feeds are on Hush Hush  :gaah:

Feeds are still on Hush Hush  :res:

Feeds are finally back

 The HG's have beer

 Gary is going nutso with Topaz over Alec's decisions.. and he wants AJ gone now and Emmett

 Topaz dont get crazy

 Out back they are playing volleyball in the pool

Gary you need to win HOH

 Topaz yeah iw ill

 Topaz I dont even want to go out on my date with Alec

 gary he's been  planting seeds.. and did you see how he down played it.. he won 10,000 and he is still playing the game

Gary Im at my witz end

 Topaz yeah he was trying to patch up things with Liza and  Tom and then he won the 10g..

Gary if i won that i would have been like  ahh all crazy

 Topaz he's smart as F

gary you have to win that :dick: that mofo has been memorizing everything he's going to school your :ass:

 Topaz I went up to him for the last HOH and a asked him about the ST patty's day parade and he said that he didnt know

 Gary oh he knew
 Topaz yeah

 Topaz you better bring me a beer

 gary it's in the cooler

 Topaz there are 3 different types..  I dont want anyone drinking my :dick: I'd rather give it away

 Gary you know if you are giving it away it better come my way..  I dont want Andre to get it.

Gary some people dont deserve to be here..  he is worthless he just takes up so much room AJ  is much smaller.. and strategically it would make sense to get rid of Talla..

 Gary getting rid of Andrew would make me happy

 Topaz anything for my Gary


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