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Live Feeds Updates Sunday -Monday 3/24/13- 3/25/13

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Alec HOH

Suzette and AJ have been nominated an are on the block up for Eviction

POV players Alec Suzette AJ Emmett Gary Jillian Peter as host

Emmett won POV

Alec won $10,000

The HG's got a picnic party Sunday Night


Feeds are still down.  :gaah:

Feeds back Gary and Suzette talking say it will cost a lot of Danielle to do ??

Suzette says when  Canada saved her that she proved that she can compete and lists that she finished 3rd in HOH gary won.

Suzette almost won HOH so she came second?? 17 seconds behind Alec.

She sounds like she has gave up and says she gets to go home and gets good clothing and gets to come back instead of stuck in jury with bad clothing.

Feeds go down -_-

Feeds back Aj, Jillian and Peter discussing customer service at 2am.

Aj says that he doesn;t serve customers like that, rather greets them with hello, how was your weekend.

Emett and Andrew in the pool. I have not seen one person enter the pool until today (besides the punishment)  :lol3:

Topaz lol is knocked out sleeping on the sofa "outside"

LOL Aj asks do people lock their doors where Jillian lives.

Jilian talks about sleepwalking once.

AJ says he goes to his cousins house at 3am once and saw his nephew sleep walking.


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