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Live Feed Updates Friday-Saturday 3/22/13-3/23/13

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Feeds are still on Hush Hush

Just found this tweet so I will post once the feeds come back live

Feeds still on Hush Hush  :gaah:

Feeds back

Alec HOH

won 10G

Andrew feels ripped off from his mini HOH.  Didn't get anything at all.

Plan appears to be Suzette and AJ, with AJ as the pawn.

Morning dry by posts

HG's have already been woken up by BB

 Topaz in bed with Alec.. Alec as the NEW HOH

There are  no signs of havenots.

 Jillian Gary AJ SUzette  Peterall in the bedroom

SUzette has a busted up knee it's wrapped and she is limping


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