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Live Feed Updates Friday-Saturday 3/22/13-3/23/13

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Double Eviction Results

Tom was evicted 8-1

Andrew won HOH -Face OFF

Andrew Nominated Liza and Suzette

POV Players Andrew Liza Suzette Emmett Alec and AJ

POV - Candy Store

Emmett wons POV

Emmett does NOT use the POV

 Liza is evicted 8-0

As of now Andrew is still reigning HOH

**Update  Alec is the new HOH **

Still waiting for the feeds to come back they are possibly doing the new HOH

 :gnite: Feeds are still down. im going to sleep.. Sorry I will post the results in the AM

OMG They have the Hush Hush  still on the feeds!! I don't know what is going on that they are blocking us for over 10hrs!!



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