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Kree: Not her best but it wasn't bad! I like the song! Although Kree might want to watch her pitch at times.. :(

And she seemed to have lost some weight and I'm right. The judges are right... she's WORKING!

Grade: A-


Amber: For me, it was a boring song choice. Great vocals, but I didn't like it. I don''t think she chose the song and she's the Devin of the girl's group. She needs an identity and she better pull it out soon, otherwise 3rd to 6th place is the best she can go.

Grade: B


Candice: THIS GIRL CAN SING ANYTHING. AT 1:31 HER NOTE WAS OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH OMG. Yes, I agree with Randy! I liked she picked an UP-TEMPO song to show her vocal abilities and arranging it and made it her own.

Grade: A


Burnell: I am still not a fan of his voice, but omg, that was a good performance. He made it his own and his cover is amazing. I completely agree with Nikki and her comments!

Grade: A


Angie: Emotions from the heart. She started on the wrong note at the beginning but OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG... nobody remembers that at the end of the performance. <333 She made it her own!!!

Grade: A


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