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Live Feed Updates Thursday Double Eviction Day 3/21/13

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Just general morning chatter with the HG's

AJ is telling them tips on gambling and casino's

Jillian is in the kitchen  making slop

 Tom and Liza are talking about talk show hosts

 Tom Rosie O'Donnell is  the current version of Ellen :WTF Tom has no clue they are the same age and have  worked the same shows and together! :groan:

Tom I would love to go on the Ellen show  she wont have you  :lol3:

Jillian's frozen slop collection

Peter Jillian and Emmett at the kitchen counter.. Peter is eating breakfast

Jillian I want to make caramel  popcorn when im  not a have not

Talla there's a bird inhere!! How's a bird get in here?

 Talla "bird you can go home now the door is open."

Alec does anyone know what kinda bird it was?

 Talla a pigeon

Suzette in the kitchen now  they tell her about the bird

 Talla heads over to the smoking area with AJ



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