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Live Feed Updates Thursday Double Eviction Day 3/21/13

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Emmett, due to cheating, was de-thrown from his HOH win on Thursday

The cheaters of the HOH, Alex Andrew Jillian Emmett  and Talla  have been punished and not allowed to participate in the new HOH and also were named the Have Nots 

GARY wins HOH "Remember That True and False Comp"

Gary nominated Tom and Liza to be on the block and up for eviction

Alec won POV

POV was not used

Tom and Liza are on the the block up for eviction

**Reminder** Thursday is a Double Eviction**

Gary Suzette and Topaz are doing synchronized swimming

Liza and tom are still :badhorse: with  family stuff..  rings.. Tiffany blue box..

Liza the blue box doesn't impress me any more.. my family is jewish.. and we have a jewler in the family.. and  I have  one person in NY that can get it for yo

 Tom a :gaah: all this talk.. baby talk, ring talk...  blahblah

 Liza did not like this at all :lol..

 Liza what  im trying to tell you about me

 Tom go on..  I want to know..go on..

Liza uhh no.. im over it.. im Done

 Tom no goo

 Liza ok..   


Liza which way you liek my hair better?

 Liza down?

 Tom yeah..

 Liza puts her hair down  :groan:

That's it.. :iok i am done for the night with this people!! :waves:

All HG are sleeping this fine Double Eviction morning!! :snicker:

btw look at all the glitter on that chair in the HOH room the cleaning staff is gonna have a fit and I feel bad for the next HOH cuz that glitter doesn't go away!

HG are up even Topaz and outside for the most part

 Liza and Tom are on the sofa in th kitchen separated from the others like they have been since before being nominated

No sign of gary


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