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--- Quote from: Hysha on September 02, 2015, 09:00:24 AM ---I would like to see some of the non-chosen contestants for Cambodia, having another opportunity. Maybe doing a tribe for Fan vs Favorites 2, because no need to choose all 11 contestants for a season. For me, T-Bird, Shane, Carolyn and Natalie is ok.
Btw, I would love to see Brett Clouser again. :$

--- End quote ---

T-Bird, Shane, Carolyn, Troyzan (maybe) definitely. I would also love to see some of the cut people like Jon/J'Tia/Shambo/Natalie/Chelsea/Cookies/Hayden/John! :)

I would love to see the pen they use when they write votes at tribal to be an idol or something

Not so much a wish but a (minor) wish come true. I have always wanted the full intro for at least the first episode of a season and if Jeff's tweet is to be believed, that is happening.

--- Quote ---in reply to a question about the intro
 first episode only -- just for you, then back to short version so we can bring you more show.
--- End quote ---

Someone will kill me for this. But:

We have seen Big Brother contestants on Survivor and TAR, TAR contestants on BB and Survivor, and Survivor contestants on BB and TAR.
What about make one of those realities a full BB vs TAR vs Survivor? I think the best reality to make this is, Survivor.
I'm the first person that loves new people. But instead a full All Stars season, what about three tribes of six from each reality?

I was thinking about the tribes and I would like (just people who played once):

Survivor Tribe:
- J'Tia Taylor from Cagayan
- T-Bird from Africa
- Denise Martin from China
- Brett Clouser from Samoa
- Jon Misch from San Juan del Sur
- Shane Powers from Panama

The Amazing Race Tribe:
- Rochelle from TAR 26
- Marie from TAR 23
- Amy Purdy from TAR 21
- Andy or Tommy from TAR 19
- Ernest or Jin from TAR 27
- Rolly Weaver from TAR 8/Family Edition.

Big Brother Tribe:
- Nicole Franzel from BB16
- Ivette Corredero from BB6
- Zach Rance from BB16
- James Huling from BB17
- Any strong woman.
- Any man.

Feel free to make your tribes! :)

Fun to think about. I'd go with...

Survivor Tribe:
- Teresa T-Bird Cooper (or Sherri Biethman, but TBird deserves it more and balances this tribe better)
- Shane Powers
- John Cody
- Eddie Fox
- J'Tia Taylor
- So Kim

The Amazing Race Tribe:
- Nick Spangler (Nick/Starr <3 <3...Nick had great camera time in TAR, confessionals would be on point)
- Oswald Mendez (omg please. He'd probably never go through suffering like Survivor, but it would be so fabulous.)
- Nadiya Anderson (not weighed down by being a "TAR threat", a deserved first boot second chancer!)
- John Erck (Seems like it'd be in his wheelhouse to do survivor, adrenaline junkie and surfer bro)
- Mallory Ervin (SOOO MUCH PEP Y'ALL!)
- Vyxsin Fiala (yaaaas gurl)

Big Brother Tribe:
- Rachel Reilly (you just gotta, even if she's played both BB and TAR twice. Trifectaaa.)
- Vanessa Rousso (or Shelli.)
- Zach Rance
- Brittany Haynes
- Will Kirby
- Some other non-white dude older than 35 because this tribe is too young and not diverse, lol (I don't watch much BB)


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