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As we've seen in games on here, double vote idols and force vote idols.

A season without any returnees. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE

Go through the last 20 seasons, bring back every single person that was voted out 1st or 2nd, and have them get a 2nd shot at life. 

I like the HI broken up into pieces idea.

Film it in Canada, I guarantee CBS's cost go way down.

Can we have Twila back pleasssssssse. I just watched Vanuatu and she was amazing  :colors

I would like to see some of the non-chosen contestants for Cambodia, having another opportunity. Maybe doing a tribe for Fan vs Favorites 2, because no need to choose all 11 contestants for a season. For me, T-Bird, Shane, Carolyn and Natalie is ok.
Btw, I would love to see Brett Clouser again. :$


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