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Kenny definitely was a villain, but Marcus maybe not as much. Chelsea and Kim are there just because Kim led the all girls alliance and Chelsea was a big help to her. I had to squeeze in Jim and RC because I really didn't want anyone before S16, and I had looked through all the seasons before putting them in. Jim was a douche to Cochran, but also loyal in a way, but his hatred of Cochran + Upolu makes him a villain, and he was good in challenges, so the tribe would like him. RC because she was smart and didn't do anything wrong in a villain way. I loved Benry and Leif so I had to have them. And by the way, the Heroes in this would destroy in the challenges. Brett, Benry, Matty, Leif, Carter were all dominant in their season. Not Leif so much at the merge, but he rocked in some early challenges.

This would make for an interesting season I think.

Survivor: Favorites vs Forgotten.

Malcolm Freberg - 4th, Survivor: Philippines
Ben "Benry" Henry - 7th, Survivor: Nicaragua
Jud "Fabio" Birza - Winner, Survivor: Nicaragua
Carter Williams - 6th, Survivor: Philippines
Stephen Fishbach, 2nd, Survivor: Tocantins
Lisa Whelchel - 3rd, Survivor: Philippines
Kim Spradlin - Winner, Survivor: One World
Taj George - 4th, Survivor: Tocantins
Natalie Bolton - 4th, Survivor: Micronesia
Brenda Lowe - 10th, Survivor: Nicaragua

Zane Knight - 18th, Survivor: Philippines
Rick Nelson - 5th, Survivor: South Pacific
James "Rocky" Reid - 12th, Survivor: Fiji
Erik Cardona - 12th, Survivor: Samoa
Dan Kay - 11th, Survivor: Gabon
Allie Pohevitz - 19th, Survivor: Caramoan
Jill Behm - 13th, Survivor: Nicaragua
Marisa Calihan - 20th, Survivor: Samoa
Mary Sartain - 19th, Survivor: Micronesia
Roxy Morris - 17th, Survivor: Philippines


--- Quote from: bwils927 on March 19, 2013, 07:31:39 PM ---Survivor: Heroes vs Villains 2

Brett Clouser - 5th, Survivor: Samoa
Ben "Benry" Henry - 7th, Survivor: Nicaragua
Matty Whitmore - 4th, Survivor: Gabon
Leif Manson - 9th, Survivor: One World
Carter Williams - 6th, Survivor: Philippines
Jane Bright - 6th, Survivor: Nicaragua
Lisa Whelchel - 3rd, Survivor: Philippines
Natalie White - Winner, Survivor: Samoa
Taj George - 4th, Survivor: Tocantins
RC Saint-Amour - 11th, Survivor: Philippines

Marcus Lehman - 10th, Survivor: Gabon
Ken Hoang - 5th, Survivor: Gabon
Jim Rice - 12th, Survivor: South Pacific
Troyzan Robertson - 8th, Survivor: One World
Pete Yurkowski - 8th, Survivor: Philippines
Sierra Reed - 7th, Survivor: Tocantins
Kim Spradlin - Winner, Survivor: One World
Abi-Maria Gomes - 5th, Survivor: Philippines
Natalie Bolton - 4th, Survivor: Micronesia
Chelsea Meissner - 3rd, Survivor: One World

I'm hoping old rivalries will come out during this, Troyzan vs Kim & Chelsea, Kenny vs Marcus, RC vs Abi & Pete

--- End quote ---

They probably won't have anyone who has played pre-HvV 1, otherwise, wouldn't they have just used them again? :p Also, where's Mike Chiesl from Survivor: Redemption Island? Surely he should be placed on the Heroes tribe after he basically let everyone spend time with their loved ones! Also, RC as a hero? Ew, no, so swap Mike with RC and we're good (but obviously, there'd probably need to be another female instead of of a male, so idk, remove Carter and replace him with either Laura Alexander from Caramoan (although she got voted out early) or Sherri Biethman (if she survives for quite a while))

I like Carter too much to take him out to listen to Laura's voice. But I also really liked Mike. Maybe him instead of Brett.

Survivor: The Winners Circle (16-20 previous winners all playing again)

And in no particular order...

Richard Hatch - Survivor: Borneo
JT Thomas - Survivor: Tocantins
Rob Mariano - Survivor: Redemption Island
Tom Westman - Survivor: Palau
Ethan Zohn - Survivor: Africa
Yul Kwon - Survivor: Cook Islands
Bob Crowley - Survivor: Gabon
Aras Baskauskas - Survivor: Panama
Tina Wesson - Survivor: The Australian Outback
Parvati Shallow - Survivor: Micronesia
Kim Spradlin - Survivor: One World
Sandra Diaz-Twine - Survivor: Pearl Islands, Survivor: Heroes vs Villains
Jenna Morasca - Survivor: The Amazon
Danni Boatwright - Survivor: Guatemala
Natalie White - Survivor: Samoa
Vecepia Towery - Survivor: Marquesas

(The other four are whether they want a bigger cast or not...

Todd Herzog - Survivor: China
Earl Cole - Survivor: Fiji
Denise Stapley - Survivor: Philippines
Sophie Clarke - Survivor: South Pacific)


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