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This would make for an interesting season I think.

Survivor: Favorites vs Forgotten.

Malcolm Freberg - 4th, Survivor: Philippines
Ben "Benry" Henry - 7th, Survivor: Nicaragua
Jud "Fabio" Birza - Winner, Survivor: Nicaragua
Carter Williams - 6th, Survivor: Philippines
Stephen Fishbach, 2nd, Survivor: Tocantins
Lisa Whelchel - 3rd, Survivor: Philippines
Kim Spradlin - Winner, Survivor: One World
Taj George - 4th, Survivor: Tocantins
Natalie Bolton - 4th, Survivor: Micronesia
Brenda Lowe - 10th, Survivor: Nicaragua

Zane Knight - 18th, Survivor: Philippines
Rick Nelson - 5th, Survivor: South Pacific
James "Rocky" Reid - 12th, Survivor: Fiji
Erik Cardona - 12th, Survivor: Samoa
Dan Kay - 11th, Survivor: Gabon
Allie Pohevitz - 19th, Survivor: Caramoan
Jill Behm - 13th, Survivor: Nicaragua
Marisa Calihan - 20th, Survivor: Samoa
Mary Sartain - 19th, Survivor: Micronesia
Roxy Morris - 17th, Survivor: Philippines


--- Quote from: bwils927 on March 19, 2013, 07:31:39 PM ---Survivor: Heroes vs Villains 2

Brett Clouser - 5th, Survivor: Samoa
Ben "Benry" Henry - 7th, Survivor: Nicaragua
Matty Whitmore - 4th, Survivor: Gabon
Leif Manson - 9th, Survivor: One World
Carter Williams - 6th, Survivor: Philippines
Jane Bright - 6th, Survivor: Nicaragua
Lisa Whelchel - 3rd, Survivor: Philippines
Natalie White - Winner, Survivor: Samoa
Taj George - 4th, Survivor: Tocantins
RC Saint-Amour - 11th, Survivor: Philippines

Marcus Lehman - 10th, Survivor: Gabon
Ken Hoang - 5th, Survivor: Gabon
Jim Rice - 12th, Survivor: South Pacific
Troyzan Robertson - 8th, Survivor: One World
Pete Yurkowski - 8th, Survivor: Philippines
Sierra Reed - 7th, Survivor: Tocantins
Kim Spradlin - Winner, Survivor: One World
Abi-Maria Gomes - 5th, Survivor: Philippines
Natalie Bolton - 4th, Survivor: Micronesia
Chelsea Meissner - 3rd, Survivor: One World

I'm hoping old rivalries will come out during this, Troyzan vs Kim & Chelsea, Kenny vs Marcus, RC vs Abi & Pete

--- End quote ---

They probably won't have anyone who has played pre-HvV 1, otherwise, wouldn't they have just used them again? :p Also, where's Mike Chiesl from Survivor: Redemption Island? Surely he should be placed on the Heroes tribe after he basically let everyone spend time with their loved ones! Also, RC as a hero? Ew, no, so swap Mike with RC and we're good (but obviously, there'd probably need to be another female instead of of a male, so idk, remove Carter and replace him with either Laura Alexander from Caramoan (although she got voted out early) or Sherri Biethman (if she survives for quite a while))

I like Carter too much to take him out to listen to Laura's voice. But I also really liked Mike. Maybe him instead of Brett.

Survivor: The Winners Circle (16-20 previous winners all playing again)

And in no particular order...

Richard Hatch - Survivor: Borneo
JT Thomas - Survivor: Tocantins
Rob Mariano - Survivor: Redemption Island
Tom Westman - Survivor: Palau
Ethan Zohn - Survivor: Africa
Yul Kwon - Survivor: Cook Islands
Bob Crowley - Survivor: Gabon
Aras Baskauskas - Survivor: Panama
Tina Wesson - Survivor: The Australian Outback
Parvati Shallow - Survivor: Micronesia
Kim Spradlin - Survivor: One World
Sandra Diaz-Twine - Survivor: Pearl Islands, Survivor: Heroes vs Villains
Jenna Morasca - Survivor: The Amazon
Danni Boatwright - Survivor: Guatemala
Natalie White - Survivor: Samoa
Vecepia Towery - Survivor: Marquesas

(The other four are whether they want a bigger cast or not...

Todd Herzog - Survivor: China
Earl Cole - Survivor: Fiji
Denise Stapley - Survivor: Philippines
Sophie Clarke - Survivor: South Pacific)

Boston Rob has played too much, Hatch hasn't paid his taxes. That opens up windows for Todd and Earl


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