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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 3/20/13

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Liza  is talking about Talla  we all know you like this.. She's only shocked me once.. and I never thought I would see someoen like that.. when she

 Tom went from one person and then jumped with the pack

Liza yeah..

Tom  she will be put up.. but lets talk about somoen i want to talk aobut Andrew.. he's at the back of the pack.. and  he will  just spread the word..

 Liza his attitude continues to  be a problem..  as soon as he gets me alone he says negative things.. like he doesnt want to be here..

 Liza and Im  like go home.. you dont want to be here

 Liza.. Topaz is a whore.. I can't believe  that whore called me a whore

 Tom yeah Emmett pegged that right from the start..  but she's got 400 cc of silicone in her and some in her brain.. :noway: but  you got a tanning business and i get it.

Liza is that a point for me?

 Tom well a woman is self supportive and can take care of the kids and house at home..  and lets me be able to go out and do more jobs..

Meanwhile out back Gary and Topaz are playing ion the pool

Suzette and topaz are doing cannon balls

 Talla is counting how long gary can stay under

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