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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 3/20/13

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Talla talking about slop again

 Jillian i want everyone to experience  slop

 Talla is still  going on about the gary situtation  and possible "task that failed"

 Talla yoa re already a robot..  I just had a national tv moment..

 Jillian think about  where we are..  Im sleeping on a flor.. we had to do pedicures for w hrs..  the slop went bad.. we failed a  possible task where we possibly could have eaten.. we lost the HOH  but we are not on the block

 Talla  High five on that..

 Jillian we are on day 26 so 1/2 the time im in her i haven't eaten..

 talla I cant believe you still haven't lost 1 pound that's cuz you ate all those beaver tails..

Talla then jumps the convo to saying did you know you can eat tanning lotion? It's Hawaiian gold..

back to food chatter with Jillian and Talla  Jillian Im going eat like 6 slices in front if them  even those i dont eat pizza..  they want to torture the next have nots. :lol3:

 They are going to sleep and most of the other HG are in the bedroom  in bed..

  im heading out for the night! :waves:

Drive by post  Talla Jillian Alec and Topaz out back Talla doing her nails

 Suzette just out of the pool

 Tom and Liza on the hammock  Liza telling Tom about how she doenst have to go into work ever.. that her tanning franchise is set and now all she is worried about is her muffins aka children that she wants

 Tom yeah I dont want my kids to be raised by  a bay sitter.. my mom had to work and when i was in day care everyone was being picked up by their mom and dad and I was being picked up by the baby sitter.. and no one was allowed to come to my hose to have parties  because i lived in the ghetto

 Peter and Emmett are also on the patio out back

Everyone on the patio were talking about  being on slop Alec on week 3 jill is on it her 2nd time

 Jill am I hard to be around..?

Alec is going into the hot tub but wants company.. he asks Aj if he wants to go in it..

 Jillian and Topaz measure up back to back who's taller

Emmett and peter are going to work out

 Talla says she will do the hot tub with Alec

Emmett has anyone done good bye messages yet?


BB HG this is your 15 minute waning the house will be off limits in 15 mins

 and the scrambling begins!!

Jillian has no energy.. the slop is taking a toll on her

 Emmett you need to slow down and stoop doing things all day. you are not taking enough in to  do all those things..

Jillian I've eaten 3 bowls already

 Emmett i feel alot better now and do a work out with pete and then relax again

 Jill Im just going to get a blanket and get a little nap

 Emmett yeah

King Tom all alone on the hammock

 Talla has some rules or slop manual out that  she is reading


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