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Live Feed Updates Wednesday 3/20/13

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Emmett, due to cheating, was de-thrown from his HOH win on Thursday

The cheaters of the HOH, Alex Andrew Jillian Emmett  and Talla  have been punished and not allowed to participate in the new HOH and also were named the Have Nots 

GARY wins HOH "Remember That True and False Comp"

Gary nominated Tom and Liza to be on the block and up for eviction

Alec won POV

POV was not used

Tom and Liza are on the the block up for eviction

**Reminder** Thursday is a Double Eviction**

Feeds are on Hush hush

feeds are back gary and suzette are in the bedroom with Alec and peter

 Gary flood the house with lies of Liza and get Tom out

 gary it's ok I told suzette everything

im sure Alec  and peter just got thier confirmation that they cant trust gary

Emmett Tom and Andrew are tossing teh football around

 Suzette is trying to be part of the group now with Peter and Alec..  saying dont say anything  in case there is a twist

 Alec what are you going to say in the goodbye message

 Suzette Im gonna say HEEYYYY.. keep it positive

 Alec there is no reason to say anything negative.. because the game is over..

Gary they never show the mean one those   he doesn't know jack! BBUS does show them!!  :ugot:

Liza conrnered  Jillian and said that they threatened Tom and said to him if he spends any time with me they will evict him..

 Jillian leaves by making like she is looking for Emmett's cup

Talla  and AJ in the have not room Aj is a little ticked off about Gary faking the task..  and Im a 32 year old man.. I dont respond well  when someone says "hey everyone come to my room"

 Talla I didnt want to go i was on slop and i didnt know it was anything..   Gary never told me that   i was supposed to get specific glasses..

 AJ I respect your guts.. and moxie..

AJ we all know that gary eff'd up and everyone knows it.. and now that means that  we the have nots are not eating!

 Talla so if someone just asks me then we just do it. there is no clarification that it was a real task. some think that he made it up

Aj Tom didnt get a reward either..  cuz some of us saw the camera

 Talla yeah I saw the camera too

 AJ it doesn't matte thye are just going on Facebook..

AJ why did thte guys look so bad

 Talla I think he had to chose teh guys or girls

 AJ I dont know who didnt bring a drink up.. but it doesn't matter..  all he had to do was call each person to his room with a drink..  he made it sound like he wanted people to hang out in his room
Jillian comes into the have not room to sleep

Jillian I agree with what you said 100% valid point

Talla I wanted him to know thank you and that you did fail  and we are going to think about what we are going to think.. and it just sucks that we are going to be punished yet again no reward

Jillian i would just make a story a so that everyone would come up

AJ leaves the have not room



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