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Gary The weeks are going by quick

 jillian I think  next wek or the next  wit will be a double

 Gary i think it will be this wek

 Jillian yeah?

 gary  Im just checking things with you i wants want to run things by you and Emmett since im working with you  I want to know the whole story and if she cried on cue. 

Gary I heard that Tom cried

 Jillian i didnt know  that

 Gary and then talla cried

 Jillian Talla cried  because of the friendship..

Gary i jsut thought about it just now.. if im warning you about something and then it happens.. then listen and she  isnt so she is a wild card

 Jillian I asked her if she was crying cuz she  is leaving or that she is betrayed  and she said betrayed

 Gary or tht she only had her in the house in alliance

Emmett was in teh bathroom with talla and Aj and he was heated over what Tom had just said to him

 Aj was trying to   calm him down a little..

Gary grabs Alec to talk

Alec head up to HOH

Emmett gary and Alec up in HOH

 Emmett nice and clean

 gary are you using the POV

 Alec no im not .. i told everyone that i wasnt  and nothing is going to change my name
Alec why did you ask me..

 gary first of all that was a test .. Tom basically just threatened me

 Alec Tom??

 Alec you want me to use it

 Emmett why what did he say..

Gary  he made it liek Liza was a good girl and F Alec and Emmett they are the ones getting in yur head..

Alec how does that help him at all

 Gary he's going to do a bro talk with yo

 Alec i already told him i wasn't going to do it and i am like you im not going to get pushed around..

Gary Im glad that i dont have to  reiterate things with you alec.. and I can say something and that is what it is and it just stays..


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