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Live Feed Updates Monday-Tuesday 3/18/13-3/19/13

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Talla is talking to Alec and Topaz saying that she likes Alec and they they have similar backgrounds

Alec you can ask me anything that you want to know

 Talla I would want you to know that you have input into all the conversations i have had here. and I haven't gone on about my life to everyone

Im going to take a long break if  any updaters want to help out jump on in..

The HG are all  talkative tonight..   Alec gets called out for talking about his DR sessions

 The Have nots ran out of slop

Tom to Emmett  I got votes.. Gary can't vote Alec you Peter jill are my votes.. so i just need  one and the only person i haven't talked to for votes is topaz.. and im not talking game with Liza but basic talk about life

Emmett dont tell her i told you to talk to her

 Tom no no no Im a big boy i can take care of my shit

Jillian did you tak to Aj

Tom yeah i did

Tom Gary  im like laying low

Tom I should have won that POV no one else..  I need to win this thursday

Emmett looks so uncomfortable not being able to tell Tom he's going home

Andrew Alec and peter talking  in the bed room about Tom and how AJ feels like a slub  on the outside

 Alec he is  we'd tell him but he'd tell talla

 Andrew  yeah we';re good for a couple of weeks

Alec yeah they want to get out Suzette and then Talls

 Emmett and Tom in the SR looking at the rule book to see exactly how long the have nots have to be have nots for.  they think they are getting an extra day of it for no reason.

 Feeds went to hush hush

god time to move on over to a new thread!! :waves:  http://forum.realityfanforum.com/index.php/topic,28619.0.html


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