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Emmett, due to cheating, was de-thrown from his HOH win on Thursday

The cheaters of the HOH, Alex Andrew Jillian Emmett  and Talla  have been punished and not allowed to participate in the new HOH and also were named the Have Nots 

GARY wins HOH "Remember That True and False Comp"

Gary nominated Tom and Liza to be on the block and up for eviction

Alec has won POV

Gary I want to talk to Jillian for a second.. im going to pee i'll be right there

 Jillian ok


Gary is looking for Emmett to give him his mic

 Gary grabs Jillian  and they head out back

Jillian i want to apologize

 Gary aww give me a hug..

 Jillian I wasn't  feeling it..  but then after it i was  happy

 gary Im sorry i was  over reacting..

Tom is talking to Emmett saying that he doesnt  trust the game that  BB can do anything and there be a twist..

 Emmett they want  liza gone

 Tom maybe cuz im selfish but I dont want to be on the block.. get me off the block man.. put up andrew or  Aj

Tom I have to talk to alec.. but man.. im scared.. what if i go home..  I know you guys want my eyes open..

 Emmett it wasn't a threat to just me or alec it was to you too you can't keep liza  in the house..  She told me tht andrew is an alcoholic.. she said tht on national TV.. i dont cae.. but you dont come up to someone like that..

 Tom she has alcoholism in her family

Emmett she said that jill doesn't like homosexual that was her threat

 Emmett suzette called you a  redneck hillbilly.. people are going to base who you are based on this game

 Tom trust me in the Dr they a re making me look like an angel : groan:

emmemt we made a deal that if anyone came between us we would  done she would be gone and if jill did 1/2 the shot tht liza did i wouldnt be talking to her right now

Gary and Jillian on the hammock

Gary Tom is pushing to  get him off the block and  keep liza..

 Jillain we are sending him home though right?

 Gary yeah and im glad that he thinks he is safe..I want him to think that.. and he is pushing that you guys weere saying you wanted me out

 Jillian I kept my word with you

Gary he is acting like he's in love with liza..

Gary you guys have to win HOH

 Jillian yeah


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