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That leg was just so nonsense and boring. (LEG 6 QUESTIONS)

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--- Quote from: Declive on March 17, 2013, 08:03:39 PM ---1. Did you liked the last episode? Give us your thoughts!
2. Who wins the next leg?
3. Who will be eliminated in Botswana , or it's a NEL/TBC?
4. Did you liked how the U-Turn was played?
5. Who is your favorite team?

6. Try to guess the next pit stop results!

--- End quote ---
1. It was ok, sad to see a team have to quit even though they weren't my favorites

2. Probably Max/Katie or Bates/Anthony

3. Pam/Winnie or Joey/Meghan

4. Yes, funny seeing Chuck/Wynona doing both detours, they're pretty entertaining!

5. Bates/Anthony

6. Nope.


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