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TAR 22 Ep 5 East Coast SHOW updates and commentary **Please read the rules**

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Looking forward for tonight! :wohoo:

Previously on The Amazing Race...

Dave decided to continue racing. Meghan & Joey, John & Jessica and Mona & Beth have an alliance.

John was feeling comfortable having the EP. After a mistake going to a "detour" which turned out to be a random person's house, and then failing at the detour, they made history by getting eliminated with an EP.

Dave & Connor won their 2nd leg in a row but their future is still uncertain...

8 teams remain. Who will be eliminated next?

Max and Katie obviously don't know John/Jessica were eliminated but they are looking forward to the Uturn. They agree with Pam and Winnie to not Uturn each other

PAM & WINNIE: Just rolling by...

Glamazon Racer:
I'm getting very good at predicting the last team shown before the intro credits but not much else. :lol3:


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