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CBS Recap 7/24 "CHEESSE"
« on: July 25, 2004, 02:23:49 AM »

Drew steps up, calls it like he sees it and puts Holly and Nakomis up on the block--both of them two time nominees. As soon as Drew won HoH he found himself inundated by advice, counsel and commentary by not just the Four Horsemen, but every single player in the game. For a time it seems like he will put up Marvin, then Diane and then possibly Adria. But in the end, he goes with what he feels is best for himself over the long term.

As he deliberates, his straightforward honesty and gameplay become more clear. He and Diane sit down in the HoH room, and they both flat out admit that they don't trust each other. Drew even lets slip that he has feelings for Diane, a notion that has Diane saying, "I'd take Drew over the $500,000 any day." After their chat it seems Drew definitely won't be putting her up.

He has a similar sit-down with Adria, or at least who he thinks is Adria, discussing how he might put her up. It isn't Adria, but rather Natalie, a secret to all but the twins themselves. But any way you cut it, she steers Drew away from putting her on the block. "I would not put you up if I were Head of Household," she tells him straight up. Drew's reaction is heartfelt, and he puts his faith in what she says, at the same time adding, "If she's lying, she's going to hell."

As Nomination Day dawns more and more stress appears on Drew's face. The entire house apparently empathizes with his approach, paying homage to his sincerity and showing respect for the manner in which he conducts himself. Drew begins the nomination ceremony by pulling Will's key first. Will pulls Jase, Jase pulls Adria, Adria pulls Diane. Following Diane's key, Jase seems a little uneasy and begins to see that Drew might be his own man...he might be going his own way. Diane pulls Scott, and it's tempting to think Drew might have been truly gaming, trying to bridge the Scott/Diane rupture and cool out the house a little bit. Scott pulls Karen, Karen pulls Marvin and lastly, Marvin pulls Cowboy.
Drew then tells Holly why he nominated her. "I nominated you because some of your past actions. You have been truly blessed with the gift of persuasion, and in this game the people that make it are the ones that people can trust. Your ability to change people's minds poses a threat." To Nakomis, he says that she was put up because of her friendships in the house.

Immediately tempers begin to flare as a stunned Jase and Scott think Drew has clearly made the wrong move. One, because they were surprised. And two, because they wanted to keep Holly around, both as an ally and someone that they like to wake up and see in the morning.


The food competition requires that the HouseGuests swim in a giant bowl of Alphabet soup, fish out letters, spell a food type and then shout out that food group. Unlike last week's competition, there's no 'bad egg' so whatever they spell they get to keep. Things go swimmingly as Marvin is first in and spells BEER, something that everybody has been craving.

Here's a brief rundown of what the HouseGuests have to look forward to and who got it for them:

Marvin shows what's most important to him and spells out BEER first. Cowboy goes for surf and turf and spells out BEEF in his first turn, and in a moment of inspiration, LOBSTER in his second. Scott's intelligence and agility are called into question, first as he stumbles into the soup bowl. Then he spells STEAK, which is a kind of beef, and misspells CHEESE. Will shows his sense of humor by spelling EGG, a nod to his bad egg move of the week before. Jase gets PIZZA. Diane spells MILK. Adria, yearning for fruit, spells APPLE. Holly suggests she would like some roughage but spells out WINE. Karen goes for the COLA. Jennifer takes the PORK.

Bon Appetit!

We see signs of the Four Horsemen beginning to fray as tension breaks out between Scott, Holly and Jase. Scott flirts with Holly in the hottub and tells her that he might like to hang with her. Jase storms over and says, "I can hear everything you're saying." Later in the HoH room, Drew tries to explain to his boys how their heads are being clouded by Holly.

Drew also has begun to secretly voice his discontent with Jase, who says one thing and does another. Case in point: Jase comes running in and says that Drew should toss Marvin, when all Drew has seen is Jase cozying up to Marvin. Drew tells Michael his feelings, knowing full well Michael will probably pass that information along. And Michael, for his part, is steamed at Marvin for a variety of reasons. Most of all, he is angry that Marvin has suggested that Michael is rich after Michael told him his future father-in-law manages oil fields. Michael makes a point of saying that he has been poor his whole life, and it's just disrespectful for Marvin to be spreading anything else around. Of course, when Drew doesn't nominate Marvin, one more chink can be seen in the armor of the Four Horsemen.

Then, last but not least there is Scott, who this week shares his lying ways with in the Diary Room. He has been lying to everybody in the house about his wealth, his time in the NFL, even his car. And he seems perfectly happy to just keep on lying. His strategy: "If they think I'm rich then they'll just think I'm here for a good time, that works for me." He lays it on thick when he boasts of rolling up to the club in his black Escalade with the PS/2s in the back. Will his lying ways come back to bite him?

The twins survive another week, but as the numbers dwindle will they be able to keep it up? How will Drew thinking for himself affect his standing in the Four Horsemen? And, will he and Diane move past cuddling? Find out Tuesday night on BIG BROTHER 5.

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Re: CBS Recap 7/24 "CHEESSE"
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Good recap.  Thanks for posting